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Liturgical Ministries

Nativity of Mary Parish has a proud and long history of quality liturgical celebration.

The overarching principles by which the parish celebrates the Church's liturgical Rites are grounded in the documents of Vatican Council II. The Liturgical Reform is a dynamic and ever changing work of the people. Article #10 of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Sacrosanctum Concilium is ever in the minds of those who plan and create the liturgies of the Parish: "...the liturgy is the summit toward which the whole activity of the Church is directed". There are a variety of liturgical ministries open to parish members.

They are: 

Liturgical Coordinators (Sacristans)

Ministers of Hospitality (Usher, Greeter)

Ministers of the Word (Lector)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (both Cup & Plate) 

Ministers at the Altar (Altar Servers)

Minister of Liturgical Music (Cantor, Choir, Instrumentalist)

Lectors are chosen from the worshiping community based upon their willingness and ability to Proclaim the Word of God. At each Sunday liturgy there are two Lectors.

Eucharistic Ministers are those chosen to minister the Body and Blood of Christ to the Assembly. Both species of communion are available at all Sunday liturgies.

Ministers at the Altar assist the Presider in his ministry. This ministry is open to anyone in the Assembly, not just young people.

Ministers of Liturgical Music are plentiful at Nativity of Mary. We are blessed with three choirs: Loft Choir, Sanctuary Choir and Resurrection Choir.

The Loft Choir, who minister at the 8:30 Sunday liturgy, sing from the traditional choral repertoire of multi-part vocal music, with the assistance of the Loft Reuter Organ. Rehearsals are every Thursday evening beginning at 7:00 in the Loft. The Loft Choir sings from September through May.

The Sanctuary Choir, who minister at the 10:30 Sunday liturgy, sing in the contemporary style of American Catholic music. They accompany the Assembly's song with the assistance of piano, guitars and other instruments. Rehearsals for the Sanctuary Choir are every Wednesday evening commencing at 7:00. The Sanctuary Choir also sings from September through May. 

The Resurrection Choir is a group of people who have their days free to minister at the funerals of the parish. Rehearsals are seldom, however they may sing two or even three times a week, depending upon funerals scheduled. 

If you have any questions about the liturgies at Nativity of Mary, or wish to be a minister in any of the parish ministries, please call the Parish Liturgy office at 608-752-7861.


Those who are currently parish ministers may access the Ministry Scheduler Program in the upper left corner of this page.
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